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Relata refero - Передаю, что слышал (Геродот, V в. до н.э.)
Intercultural communication

Successful communication requires to have sound knowledge and command of behavioral patterns, familiarity with mentality, logic, philosophy, traditions and customs, in other words general culture of the society. Communication between the speakers of different languages seems to be even a more difficult and delicate matter, since they are also representatives of different cultures and societies. It is common that even in daily life communication within one and the same language may be hindered, when a message produced by one speakers is not adequately understood by the other. When two different languages are used during communication the situation might be aggravated by intercultural differences, which might results in misunderstanding of formally identical messages. In such case, assistance of an experienced intercultural communication professional is required for a successful cooperation between the speakers of different languages. Our professionals will proved you with counseling and advice during your collaboration with you international partners and clients so can achieve full confidence and understanding. Conversum professionals can also help you with planning and organizing your visit.

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