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Relata refero - Передаю, что слышал (Геродот, V в. до н.э.)

Conversum is a consulting communication bureau that provides all types of interpreting and translation services between the Dutch, English, Russian, and Georgian languages in various branches of law, medicine and psychology, economics and finances, manufacturing and agricultural industry, technologies and innovations. The team of Conversum are highly qualified cross-cultural professionals with years long experience in all types of translation and interpreting. Conversum specializes in complex oral and written translations in numerous branches of science, law, medicine, technology and innovations, industry, economics and finances, which are prominent for their terminological density and set deadlines. Among our long-term customers are numerous ministries in the Netherlands and abroad, judiciary and law institutions, notary offices and law firms, medical and research centers, financial companies, non-profit and international organizations and manufacturing businesses and enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad. Conversum offers interpreting services provided by professional communication experts during negotiations, round-table discussions, conferences, seminars, press-conferences and court sessions. The company also carries out sworn translations of official documents for public and private sector produced by certified translators. Further on our website you can find detailed information about our services. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to obtain detail information regarding our terms of employment and consulting services.


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