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Relata refero - Передаю, что слышал (Геродот, V в. до н.э.)
About us

Conversum is a consulting communication bureau that provides interpreting and translation services between the Dutch, English, Russian, and Georgian languages to business companies, non-profit organizations, governmental and public institutions and private individuals. The company was founded in 2002 and owes its name to the Latin verb “converto” (con-verto (vorto), vertī (vortī), versum (vorsum), ere) which means “to translate/interpret”. For the years long activity on the cross-cultural communication market due to the high quality of services provided by our professionals the company has  developed a reputation of highly professional communication bureau specializing in complex assignments which cover (=comprise) various branches of law, medicine, economics and finances, technologies and innovations. Among our long-term customers are various ministries in the Netherlands and abroad, judiciary and law institutions, notary offices and law firms, medical and research centers, financial companies, non-profit  and international organizations and manufacturing businesses and enterprises in the Netherlands and abroad. Conversum offers interpreting services provided by professional communication experts during negotiations, round-table discussions, conferences, seminars, press-conferences and court sessions. The company also carries out translation services for public and private sector including sworn translations of official documents, which have to be made by a certified translator who has taken an oath in a court.

Conversum also provides consulting services regarding cross-cultural communication and business communications in the Netherlands, Russia, and Georgia. Please consult our website for a comprehensive overview of our services and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain detail information regarding our terms of employment and consulting services.

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